A New Martial Art

I’ve been looking all over the internet for information about new martial art. I was interested because I had always liked martial arts as a kid but never really thought I would pursue it as an adult. Finally, one day I was at my local library looking through some books and found a book on Chinese martial arts. It was quite interesting, so I decided to check it out. I’m glad I did!

I learned a lot from the book. The first section gave a brief background on Chinese history and culture. Then in the third chapter, there were some brief descriptions of various styles of fighting from different time periods. There was a short line to practice basic kicks, punches, and throws.

However, something was missing… I was completely confused by the way the author described certain moves and techniques. For example, when I studied I saw that he described the technique where you hold your opponent’s head and then strike it like a hammer with your knee. While it is a useful technique, I had never practiced it in class or even seen anyone do it in real life, never mind that it’s described here as a combat tactic.

It didn’t take long to figure out what I had been missing… this is my style! And after I started studying, I quickly noticed that I loved this new martial art. It is very realistic and doesn’t try to appeal to the child in me by teaching unrealistic martial arts. Instead, it is just straight forward and easy to learn, and focuses on proper techniques for self-defense. I especially love that there are trophy points and ribbons attached to the different moves, giving you extra incentive to continue learning and practicing.

One of the best parts of A New Martial Art is the author’s straightforward style of writing. He doesn’t waste words by rambling or making up crazy stories. In fact, all of his writing is simple and to the point, making it easy to read and review. The stories themselves are great as well, full of adventure that will make readers root for underdog fighters every time they see them. Best of all, these tales are inspiring and give the reader a sense of protection and security; the message of taking care of oneself should be engrained

If you are looking for a new martial arts style to learn, A New Martial Art is a great choice. It is well written, interesting, easy to learn, and contains some good practical advice that isn’t overemphasized. This book really pushes the envelope by teaching you not only how to defend yourself, but also gives you tips for handling the court system, negotiating with the police, driving/biking, sports, and much more. There really is something here for everyone.